Foit-Albert Associates

Foit-Albert Associates Environmental  Market Sectors


Foit-Albert Associates provides environmental services to various transportation and transit agencies and authorities, the NYSDOT, municipalities, airports and railways prior to project development and/or construction. We also partner with specialized consulting companies to accomplish the project goals.

Higher Education

Foit-Albert Associates has worked for over 30 years with universities and colleges across New York State. We offer a full range of solutions to the challenges both public and private institutions face daily, from maintaining an aging portfolio of facilities and developing new facilities to accommodating expansion, to reducing costs, optimizing energy efficiency and sustainability, and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Residential / Commercial / Industrial

Foit-Albert Associates offers a range of services for residential, commercial and industrial facilities property owners to support site acquisition, facility management and operations, permitting compliance, and environmental management. Foit-Albert's professionals have a thorough understanding of the various operational, environmental and engineering issues associated with various residences and facilities and can provide property owners, operators or tenants with practical, cost effective solutions for managing or mitigating them.

Our engineers and environmental professionals can provide the critical information that will help clients to address risk along the life span of a property including land use planning and development, accessibility, environmental assessments, and property condition assessments.

Local / State / Federal Government

Foit-Albert Associates understands the financial and time constraints, accountability and budgets under which the government agencies operate. We have partnered with various governmental agencies across New York State to deliver innovative environmental solutions and a multidiscipline approach to keep our clients on or under budget and progressive in an ever-changing political atmosphere. Foit-Albert Associates is federally certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and a New York State certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).